What our customers are saying.

  • Nance Ciasca – Draper, Utah 2017 update

    If you are looking for compassion, knowledge, love for your furry family this is the place to come. Ashlee has a very compassionate and loving approach to her training and her furry clients become a part of her family as much as you do. She has been our lifesaver with Harry from beginning to end. she understood his quirkiness and became his voice for us to understand him. That is a gift in itself. She even shared his moving on with us and was with him until the end. That is more then a trainer or boarder. That is a true compassionate trainer with a deep love of her clients,furry and human. Thank you and God bless you for showing up in our lives and Harry’s.

    RIP Harry Boy I surely will miss your smiles and sneezing fits. I am so glad I was with you until the end. Sending love- AshLee Ellefsen

    - Nance Ciasca – Draper, Utah 2017 update
  • Judson Kennedy- Eagle Mountain, Utah

    AshLee was phenomenal with our GoldenDoodle Puppy Jack. Her Pricing Is Very Fair, And She Kept Us Informed Through The Whole Process. Jack Came Back To Us So Well-trained, And She Is always Available To Help Us With Any Questions We Have. I Highly Recommend AshLee For Anyone Looking For A Reasonably-priced Trainer For Their Puppy.

    - Judson Kennedy- Eagle Mountain, Utah
  • Ross Hansen- Midvale, Utah

    It Was A Long Two Weeks While Diesel Was Gone To Puppy Fundamentals. Boy SO Worth It.. Diesel Came Back Much More Focused And Ready To Learn. AshLee Taught Me How Much Our Family Behavior Affected Our Diesel. She Also Helped Us Get Him On The Right Diet And Schedule. The Go Home Was Very Detailed And very Personalized Just For Him  The Loyal Canine Has Done An Amazing Job. I Would Recommend Them For All Dogs

    - Ross Hansen- Midvale, Utah
  • Patrice Brown – Orem, Utah

    Our black lab mix, Lulu, got off to a bit of a rough start at the Brown house. The morning after we bought her she went missing, and we ended up having to bust her out of the Animal Shelter. A few weeks later we got a call from the babysitter informing us that she had just attacked and killed one of our chickens. And in her spare time she was way too bitey and rough with our 3 kids. It got so bad that my husband gave me the option of getting rid of her or keeping a muzzle on her 24/7. That’s when I started looking for some help. AshLee came to the rescue with an initial puppy consultation, then a full board and train. The change has been nothing short of a miracle. She returned a very obedient, happy, and well mannered puppy. Even my husband likes her now! Thank you AshLee, for turning our escape-artist, chicken-killer into our dream dog.

    - Patrice Brown – Orem, Utah
  • Leslee Pugh – Cottonwood Heights UT

    Meet Dax- Dax is a 1 yr old purebred Australian Shepherd. He is my dream dog come true! In fact, I dreamed up Dax specifically in 2006. I knew back then that I would one day own him. Well this time last year, I finally convinced my husband to let me get my blue eyed puppy. We quickly came to find out that owning Dax was not going to be as easy as we needed it to be. We had a 10 month old baby, and rented the home we lived in that had a fenced yard, but those fences were only 4 feet. We quickly found out that Dax would do anything to dig under or jump over these fences. Some of his other issues were that he would lick our little girl or jump up on our nephews and other people. He would also run away, ignore us, and bark. This was completely unacceptable to us. We were able to fix the behaviors when he would try to do them with us (my husband or I specifically) but he would completely ignore us when it came to other people including our daughter. We were at a loss as to what to do. It was to the point where we were getting calls from people all over the neighborhood because we could not contain him. Even Animal control had called us a couple times with reports on Dax. We were on our last straw! It was fix the problem, or sell him to a loving home that could. Then I was referred to The Loyal Canine. Sounds corny, but without The Loyal Canine we would not still have Dax. I have included a video that shows Dax focusing and listening to AshLee. She was able to train him to be responsive to the owner and to always “check in” with me. This video was taken on the day I got him back. I was nervous that he was only going to listen to her. But in this same hour, she trained ME. She taught me the cues for Dax, and before I left that day, he was listening to me just as well! AshLee was great at helping me to feel confident and comfortable with Dax and his new training. He does not jump up, he does not lick, dig, run away, bark or get distracted like he did before. In fact, as I write this, he is sitting right outside my back sliding door and has been for 3 hours now! I would give The Loyal Canine 5 stars and recommend them to anyone and everyone who is looking for training for their dog, even, and especially if you think your dog is untrainable (as we sometimes thought), AshLee will meet your challenge! – See Video on The Loyal Canine Inc Business Facebook Page 

    - Leslee Pugh – Cottonwood Heights UT
  • Ashlee Beeks – Eagle Mountain, UT
    I sent my dogs, a Lab (Bailee) and German Shepherd (Jake) to AshLee for the  Complete board and train package, with having such big dogs that look intimidating to a lot of people I needed to be able to have full control over them when out in public. I am super happy with what she has been able to accomplish with them. I gave AshLee a list of my concerns and what I wanted her to focus on when she came to pick them up, all of the problem areas were addressed during their stay with her. I was able to get updates with each of their progress and how they were doing while they were with her. When it was time for them to come home AshLee brought them to my house and she took the time with each dog to show me how to continue to work with them and their individual needs. She made sure that I didn’t have any questions before she left but I know that I can call her with any concerns or questions that may come up.
    I was never worried about my babies while they were gone, I knew they were in good hands and that she would treat them like her own dogs at her home!
    - Ashlee Beeks – Eagle Mountain, UT
  • Asia Gonzalez – Riverton UT


    My dog Sophie had a lot of ‘anger issues’ and she also would not listen to a thing that I would say, and frankly she just did not care. Ashlee took her for boarding for the Extended Quick Start Program and when I went to pick her up, the results that she was showing me were amazing! Sophie was learning to be calm and that she couldn’t just do whatever she wanted, especially without MY permission. Ashlee also taught me how to enforce the commands. Ashlee seriously works miracles with dogs, and she teaches you how to do it also so that you don’t leave confused and un knowledgeable. Anytime I had a question, she was quick to reply and she is constantly checking up with me to see how Sophie was doing. I will always take my dogs to her for training, and I recommend her to anyone! Whether your dogs have a little problem, or a huge problem, Ashlee will be sure to take care of you!

    - Asia Gonzalez – Riverton UT
  • The Fluckiger’s – West Jordan UT
    In just a few minutes AshLee was able to evaluate my two dogs. She was able to tell me a couple small changes I needed to make to improve my relationship with my dogs. Our walks are so much better and now I feel like I can read my dogs better to help them with what they need. She also made some great diet change suggestions. I made the change in food that she recommended and within a couple months I could see an improvement in my dogs health, weight, energy and even in the cataracts in their eyes. Thanks so much for all the help AshLee and The Loyal Canine Inc! 
    - The Fluckiger’s – West Jordan UT
  • The Orellana’s – West Valley, Utah

    AshLee is an amazing trainer!  She has helped me find and adopt my 2 dogs and helped to make sure they were a great fit for my family and me. She has always been there to answer any and all questions I have. She has a way with dogs that makes it look so easy. I will always go to AshLee for all my dog training needs.  Thank you AshLee for everything!!!

    - The Orellana’s – West Valley, Utah
  • Donna & Frank – Taylorsville, Utah

    I had never owned a dog and had no idea how to be a good pet owner. AshLee didn’t train my dogs as

    much as she trained me. She taught me how to be a pack leader and to provide a good environment for my

    boys to grow in as well as keep them well trained and socialized. They did her full board and train program

    to become off leash reliable and have been progressing amazingly! AshLee provides boarding for both

    Micki and Charlie whenever we travel. I never worry about how they are doing as I know they are being

    loved just as much as if they were with me. Besides being well trained , AshLee has a natural ability for

    working with dogs and people.

    - Donna & Frank – Taylorsville, Utah

From The Trainer

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